For decades, people have talked about the boomer generation and the impact this group of people would have on society, especially as they aged. Well, having passed the age of 50, the baby boomers have arrived. Age has not defined them, nor has it stopped them from enjoying life to the fullest, including a round of golf. It has, however, created a few challenges for those wanting to enjoy that game of golf.

As you age, you lose flexibility, balance and strength. These traits are all important if a golfer is to maintain his game. Although you cannot turn back the clock and be as flexible as Dustin Johnson or Jason Day, a golf stretching program will help you get as close as possible. It should be part of every golfer’s bag of tricks, especially the aging golfer. Not only will it increase your power and reduce the risk of injury, it will also enable you to maintain a more consistent swing pattern, which ultimately means a lower handicap!

Static Stretching

There are two types of stretching routines that can be used to improve your game. The first type, static stretching, is aimed at increasing your range of motion. These exercises should never be done prior to a round of golf. Static stretching leaves your muscles temporarily weak and fatigued and will negatively affect your game if performed prior to teeing off. Static stretching routines should be saved for the days you will not be teeing off, or they can be performed after you are finished playing for the day.

When performed regularly, static stretching exercises will promote general relaxation to the muscles. Muscle relaxation is important. The more a muscle group is able to relax, the more forcefully its opposing muscle groups can contract, which means more power in every swing.

Dynamic Stretching

Most dynamic stretching exercises can be used as part of a warm up routine just prior to a round of golf. Unlike static stretching exercises, dynamic stretches reduce muscle stiffness and increase flexibility without compromising the power of your swing. Dynamic stretching can also be used during play if you feel yourself stiffening up.

Strengthening Your Golf Grip

Something as simple as strengthening your grip on the club can improve your ball flight. If you deal with stiffness, strengthening your grip can improve your power helping you to draw the ball just a little bit more. Although strengthening your grip is easy, it can be difficult to get used to. If you are right handed, to strengthen your grip, ever slightly rotate your hands to the right on your club. Left handers would rotate to the left. This slight change will assist you in rotating the clubface through the ball promoting a draw spin.

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