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Experience the True Connection Difference

You’ve probably heard about senior communities, but do you know what makes True Connection Communities stand out? Our communities provide a vibrant, engaging lifestyle that prioritizes our residents’ well-being and happiness. We offer a unique blend of superior amenities, top-notch services, and a welcoming, inclusive community where everyone feels at home. But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s experience the True Connection difference today!

Who We Are

True Connection Communities is a network of senior living communities across the United States. We focus on creating meaningful connections among our residents, their families, and our team members. Our name is a testament to our commitment to genuine, heartfelt connections that form the basis of an engaged, fulfilled life. Here’s what a day in the life in our communities looks like, experience the true connection difference!

The True Connection Promise

We promise to provide a fulfilling lifestyle for our residents, filled with connections, joy, and discovery. Our commitment is to enrich the lives of our residents every day. From our incredible amenities to our dedicated services and the warm, welcoming atmosphere, everything we do is designed to create a true connection.

The True Connection Lifestyle

At True Connection Communities, we offer a lifestyle full of opportunities for leisure, learning, creativity, and wellness. Our residents enjoy a wide array of activities, amenities, and services designed to keep them active, engaged, and happy. Each day brings new possibilities and experiences that add to the richness of life here.

Amenities at True Connection Communities

Our residents enjoy a wealth of amenities designed to enhance their lifestyle and meet their every need. These range from beautiful communal areas, such as lounges, libraries, and gardens, to practical facilities like laundry rooms and fitness centers. We have a dedicated team that ensures these facilities are always in top shape and ready for residents to enjoy.

Services at True Connection Communities

Life in a True Connection Community is about more than just comfortable living spaces and fun amenities. It’s also about the personalized, attentive services we provide. Our residents enjoy delicious meals prepared by our professional chefs, regular housekeeping and maintenance, wellness programs, and a packed calendar of activities to keep them engaged and entertained.

true connection residents and chef with prepared meals

A Day in the Life of a True Connection Resident


Mornings in a True Connection Community start peacefully. Residents often begin their day with a stroll in our manicured gardens or a yoga class to invigorate the mind and body. Breakfast is a delightful affair, with a variety of healthy and delicious options available in our dining hall. Those who prefer can also have breakfast in the comfort of their own apartments. We also offer an assortment of morning activities, including book clubs, art classes, and educational seminars, that cater to a wide array of interests.


As the day progresses, the residents have the opportunity to participate in a wide array of activities. Post lunch, which is as varied and nutritious as our breakfast, residents might engage in a spirited game of bridge in our game rooms, take part in a gardening workshop, or attend a guest lecture. For those seeking quiet, our libraries offer a tranquil retreat with an expansive collection of books and magazines.

true connection residents enjoying activities


Evenings at True Connection Communities are a time for relaxation and socialization. Residents can unwind with a fitness class or relax in our lounges, where they often gather for social hours or movie nights. Our dining hall serves a diverse menu for dinner, prepared with love by our chefs. Post-dinner, residents might attend a live music performance, enjoy a quiet evening with a book, or simply share stories with fellow residents.

The True Connection Advantage

Living in a True Connection Community offers numerous advantages. Our residents enjoy a vibrant, engaging lifestyle with a wealth of amenities at their fingertips. They benefit from our attentive, personalized services that free them from daily chores and let them focus on enjoying life. But more than that, they become part of a warm, inclusive community where everyone is welcomed, respected, and valued.

A day at a True Connection Community is a day filled with joy, discovery, and connection. We offer more than just a place to live; we offer a vibrant lifestyle filled with engaging activities, superior amenities, and a warm, welcoming community. Experience the True Connection difference and make every day a day to look forward to.

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