Overview of Laurel Springs senior living community in Oklahoma.

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Retirement should be a time to embrace new possibilities, pursue passions, and enjoy an active lifestyle. At True Connection Communities, we believe in providing vibrant communities across the country that cater to these aspirations. With 18 locations across 10 states, we offer diverse settings and amenities to match your unique preferences.

Cascading pond in Mon Abri 55+ active senior living community in Oklahoma.

18 Retirement Communities Across 10 States


Bask in the warmth of Verena at Gilbert, an Arizona retirement community offering stunning desert landscapes, outdoor activities like hiking and golfing, and vibrant cultural experiences. Imagine yourself enjoying a morning walk amidst cacti or relaxing by the sparkling pool.


Immerse yourself in the coastal charm of Verena at Delray, a Florida retirement community. Picture days spent on pristine beaches, indulging in fresh seafood, and enjoying vibrant cultural events like music festivals and art shows.


Experience the warmth and friendly atmosphere of Pine Ridge of Garfield, Pine Ridge of Plumbrook, and Pine Ridge Villas of Shelby – Michigan retirement communities. These locations offer a slower pace of life, scenic nature like lakes and forests, and rich cultural heritage. Imagine enjoying farmer’s markets or participating in community events like potlucks.


Discover the charm of Bloomfield, a Nebraska retirement community offering a slower pace of life, scenic landscapes, and friendly locals. Explore historical sites or immerse yourself in the community’s events and activities.

North Carolina:

Embrace Southern hospitality at Verena at Bedford Falls. Enjoy stunning mountain views, explore historical sites like Asheville, and savor delicious southern cuisine.


Discover the vibrant community of Verena at Hilliard. Imagine yourself visiting nearby museums, attending sporting events, or exploring historical sites like Columbus.


Choose from the welcoming communities of Grace Point, Laurel Springs, and Mon Abri. Experience rich cultural heritage like rodeos, enjoy the friendly atmosphere, and explore diverse landscapes like the rolling plains.


Immerse yourself in the charming community of Arbour Square of Harleysville. Visit museums, explore historical sites like Philadelphia, or enjoy the scenic landscapes of the surrounding area.


Explore the diverse offerings of Meadowstone Place, Parc Place, Preston Place, and Verena at Leander. Experience Texas hospitality, enjoy vibrant cities like Austin, or relax in the beautiful Hill Country.


Find your perfect fit in Verena at The Glen or Verena at The Reserve. Enjoy stunning scenery, explore historical sites like Charlottesville, or immerse yourself in the charming communities.

Best of Senior Living 2024 awarded by A Place For Mom.

Why Choose True Connection Communities?

More Than Just a Place to Live, It’s a Vibrant Community You Can Call Home

True Connection Communities has been recognized as a 2024 Best of Senior Living Provider by APlaceforMom.com. This prestigious honor celebrates the top 1-2% of senior care providers in the United States and Canada.

Finding the perfect retirement community goes beyond simply choosing a location. It’s about discovering a place that aligns with your aspirations, values, and where you can truly thrive. At True Connection Communities, we offer more than just stunning settings and diverse locations; we offer a unique combination of elements designed to enrich your life and foster a true sense of belonging.

Imagine maintaining your independence in a spacious apartment, personalized to your needs, while enjoying the support of a caring community. Engage in a vibrant social calendar filled with activities tailored to your interests, forging meaningful connections with residents and staff who share your passions. At our communities, wellness is a priority, with access to healthy dining options, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, and on-site resources to support your proactive health journey.

Whether you seek the bustling energy of a city or the serenity of a charming town, we have a community that matches your lifestyle. Find unique amenities like on-site gardens, walking trails, art studios, and movie theaters, all designed to provide endless opportunities for exploration and engagement. Experience peace of mind with transparent pricing and inclusive monthly fees, knowing that dedicated staff are always there to ensure your comfort and safety.

More than just amenities, True Connection Communities offer a vibrant community atmosphere, a place where you can make lasting friendships, share experiences, and grow together. Discover opportunities to learn, explore, and pursue your passions in a stimulating and supportive environment. We believe in fostering a sense of belonging, creating a space where you can truly feel at home and live life to the fullest.

Discover Your Perfect Fit:

With 18 retirement communities across the nation, we encourage you to explore our website and find a location that resonates with your desires. Each community offers unique amenities, activities, and local attractions, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today to schedule a visit, request a brochure, or connect with a representative who can answer your questions and guide you on your journey to a fulfilling retirement at True Connection retirement communities.

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