Without question, hobbies are good for us. In fact, research has found that having an interest in which you regularly immerse yourself provides a variety of benefits, like relieving stress, boosting creativity and encouraging connections with others.

Some hobbies are easy to jump into at any age. For example, many people who’ve rarely cracked a book develop an interest in reading as they get older. Other hobbies, though, are best begun earlier in life, since certain skills can take years to learn and master.

Here are some of our favorite hobbies that you should consider starting sooner rather than later.


People of all ages enjoy cooking, but with so many types of cuisines and tools to learn about, mastering this hobby can take years. If you’d like to become an amateur chef, check out some of the many popular cable cooking shows, or consider taking a class in your area.

Outdoor Sports

Whether you’re in marathoner shape or just want to get outside once in a while, an outdoor sport can provide you with many hours of enjoyment. Some outdoor sports can be quite challenging and require time and patience to perform safely, and others require specialized equipment. Consider water or snow skiing, cycling, running, sailing, surfing or scuba.


Would you enjoy cutting a rug every now and then? Many people enjoy dancing from a young age well into their golden years. If you’d like to get started, there’s no time like the present. You can choose from a variety of styles of dancing, including ballroom, salsa, ballet, belly, hip hop and more!

Bird Watching

Many seniors enjoy bird watching, but the sooner you start, the more you’ll benefit. With almost 10,000 species of birds living around the globe, it can take time to familiarize yourself with signature behaviors and movements. Why not grab some binoculars and a field guide and get started?

Indoor Sports

Many sports that are performed indoors don’t require as much skill or stamina as some outdoor sports, but you still can benefit from starting now. Whether you enjoy yoga, swimming, weight lifting or fitness classes, you’ll build your enjoyment as you increase endurance and learn the proper form for your sport.

Arts and Crafts

If you have an innovative streak, you might enjoy creating crafts or works of art as a hobby. It can take years to become adept at some arts and crafts — including embroidery, painting, sculpture, calligraphy, jewelry making, knitting, pottery and others. Experts say the best way to learn is to simply dive in and start creating!


Playing a musical instrument is another hobby in the creative realm that can take significant time to learn. If you’d enjoy participating in a community band or simply entertaining friends and family, consider leasing an instrument or buying one used while you get some lessons under your belt.

Need a Hobby? A World of Options Awaits

If you’d love to take up a stimulating new hobby, consider the active lifestyle at Verena at the Glen. We offer a variety of clubs, programs and activities to keep life interesting in a beautiful setting. To learn more, please contact us today.

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