Independent Living

Where you live matters greatly after you retire. It can even influence how well and how long you live. Finding a place to call home–with maintenance taken care of and opportunities to grow–is ideal.  This type of housing is referred to as a senior independent living community, a retirement community, or an active adult community.

When it comes to active, independent living, True Connection Communities sets the standard. The bonds between team members and residents are demonstrably warm and supportive. This fosters a sense of connectedness that creates a homelike environment where residents thrive, and team members enjoy rewarding work days.

What is Independent Living for Seniors?

If you are wondering if this is the right type of housing for you, here is an overview of what is typically found in independent living communities like True Connection Communities:

  • A lifestyle that is free from mundane and expensive chores associated with homeownership—mowing the yard, repairing the roof, cleaning the gutters, trimming the trees, and shoveling snow.
  • Opportunities for participating in life-enrichment activities and wellness programs. This includes on-campus events, as well as group outings to area restaurants, shopping centers, and other popular local destinations.
  • An environment designed with the needs of seniors in mind, including features that allow residents to live safely and independently in their own apartments.

Fostering an environment that empowers residents to make their own decisions and set their own schedules is at the heart of True Connection Communities independent living. Click to choose your location and learn more about True Connection Communities!

Retirement Living

How to plan for an active retirement

It’s not enough to live long. You also want to live well.  While you’re looking forward to the exciting journey ahead, how can you design the experience you deserve?

You need a plan!

It’s important to make sure you’re prepared.  It’s fun to dream about travel adventures or beach getaways with our favorite book,  but there are a few practical things to consider and True Connection Communities can help:

  1. Where would you like to live? Will you move to enjoy a warmer client or to be closer to family?  If you stay in your current home, will the home’s design make life more difficult? A great benefit of our apartments for active retirement living is that they’re accessible and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  1. How do you want to spend your time? On household chores, shoveling snow or taking care of your lawn? One of the downsides to homeownership is the continual but necessary upkeep required. Would you like to claim those hours back as your own? Many seniors choose no-maintenance living and never look back.
  1. Will an active lifestyle be easy to maintain where you live? Staying in good physical shape is known to promote longevity. Are there convenient options in your current or new neighborhood to support wellness? Fitness centers and activities are readily available at True Connection Communities and you’ll find they encourage vibrant and active retirement living.
  1. Will you have a support system near your home?  A healthy retirement requires an active body and mind–and avoidance of isolation. Do you have friends and family to share your life? If you move, you may want to consider what opportunities there may be for meeting new people. Events and activities at senior living communities can foster new friendships easily.
  1. Are you living healthy?  Do you have a plan in place to maximize your wellness potential and to live the best life you can? Exercise and eating well are important for physical health. Having a purpose, a variety of activities and the company of dear friends also contribute to well-being. Living in a community that encourages and helps bring all this together is a big advantage in retirement.
  1. Are your finances in order? You’ll want to start this next chapter in your life with a clear understanding of both your income and spending. Creating a budget is a good place to start.  Simplify your budget and your monthly finances with maintenance and repairs included in the cost of a True Connection Communities apartment—no surprises!

True Connection Communities can provide you with many of the resources you’ll need for a fulfilling and active retirement. With fitness and wellness activities right outside your door, as well as the many opportunities you’ll find to meet and make friends, we offer the type of active retirement living you’re looking for. Plus, we take care of the maintenance, so all that extra time will be yours to spend exactly as you wish.

Click here to learn more about your options at one of our True Connection Communities. We can help you achieve the type of active retirement living that you’ve always imagined.

Over 55 communities

What is a 55+ community?

Are the houses on your street composed of mostly young families with children? Do nearby parks cater more to the playground and soccer set than your interests, such as walking trails, fitness centers, and pickleball courts?

You may be ready to trade in your old community for one that was essentially created with you in mind.

Welcome to over 55+ communities!

Our communities are built to meet the expectations and preferences of those age 55 and older. The advantages are many for those ready to embrace an entirely new way to live, including:

  • Apartment options that fit your preferences and lifestyle.
  • Activities and events to help you easily meet and make new friends.
  • Easy connections with those sharing similar experiences and interests.
  • Locations near restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.
  • A mostly “kid-free” environment, but don’t worry. Grandchildren and other younger friends and relatives are always welcome to visit.
  • Amenities that appeal to the things you most enjoy, whether it’s an art class, an afternoon swim or enjoying lunch with a friend.

It gets even better. Our over 55+ communities are also low- to no-maintenance. Our maintenance team will take care of everything for you. Not only is this lock-and-leave lifestyle easy for those who love to travel, but you will love starting your days with no to-do list. Your new list will be filled with friends to see or adventures to enjoy.

Could an over  55+ community be your next home?

If you’re ready to launch your exciting new life, click here to learn more about over 55+ communities at one of our True Connection Communities. We think you’ll love what we have to offer.


What are senior living apartments like in retirement communities?

Have you ever wondered how much time you’ve spent over the years maintaining your yard, calling and supervising contractors or repairing appliances?

If you answered a lot of time, you may be ready now to let go of the headaches of homeownership. If you no longer want to be responsible for all those household chores, come learn more about True Connection Communities, where you can leave the maintenance to us.

The benefits of renting a senior living apartment are many. Although each community can offer different options, here are just a few of the advantages:


Senior living apartments can be one of the lowest-cost options in independent living, not only compared to homeownership but to the other alternatives as well.


In an apartment, the exterior building, landscaping, equipment, and appliances are not your responsibility.  If something needs repair, all that’s required from you is a phone call and our maintenance staff will make it right.


It’s often easier to meet new people in a senior living apartment than it is when you live in a single-family home. Beyond passing each other in the hallways, there are common areas for socializing and activities to join together, creating the perfect environment to make new friends.


Some apartment communities coordinate transportation for group shopping trips, social outings and even individual medical appointments.

Easy lifestyle

Living among neighbors and where there is a property manager can be the perfect scenario if you like to travel. You’ll feel better about leaving your home knowing it will be secured.

Whatever your housing needs may be, we hope you’ll choose to discover your senior living apartment at True Connection Communities.  We could be the perfect home for you! Click here to learn more today!

Luxury Living

What is a Luxury Living Community?

Can you really have it all? This is an exciting time but have you ever wondered if you could live your new lifestyle in a home with top-of-the-line fixtures and services?

Visit a Luxury Living Community to find out!

Development of these communities continues to grow across the country, offering upscale and spacious housing choices in single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums and apartments. Their defining character usually offers resort-style amenities and services, which can include:

  • Customized interior finishes
  • Gourmet kitchens
  • Salons & spas
  • 24 hour concierge service
  • Transportation on demand
  • State-of-the-art fitness centers
  • Beautiful outdoor and indoor socializing spaces
  • Picturesque grounds and landscaping

Like other lifestyle housing choices, one of the biggest benefits luxury living offers is the opportunity to connect with others. Making new friends and engaging in life, whether through wellness activities, travel or simply sharing a great meal, are vital no matter where or how you live.

At True Connection Communities, our homes and amenities are designed with you in mind. We understand the essential role connecting and remaining active plays in helping all of us to live full and engaged lives.

The only feeling better than knowing you’ve arrived home is if your home is in a True Connection Community. Whether you’re looking for a completely new adventure or are just looking forward to the next chapter in your life, click here to learn more about our communities. We think you’ll discover that you really can have it all!