As the temperatures rise taking the chill out of a long frosty winter, many people begin to experience feelings of restlessness and excitement. These feelings, and others like them, are a common ailment otherwise known as spring fever. If you too are starting to feel its effects, you are in the right place.

In celebration of spring, we have lots of great ideas to help you find the cure for what ails you. It’s time to get outside, enjoy the weather and have some fun!

  • Get your hands dirty. That’s right … play in the dirt. Find a pot you love and plant flowers, herbs or vegetables. You’ll also enjoy the trip to the nursery picking out what you decide to plant. But be careful, as you wander through the aisles of beautiful plants, you may find yourself wanting to fill several pots. If you purchased a delicate plant, be prepared to bring it in should there be a freeze. Situate your potted plant next to a sitting area outside so you can enjoy it and the butterflies as they come to visit your flowers.
  • Another way to get your hands dirty – make mud pies to attract butterflies! Mud pies, made with a few ingredients from your kitchen and dirt, of course, will attract butterflies and provide them with the minerals, dissolved salts, calcium and protein they need to mate successfully.
  • Have fun setting up an outdoor table like a French bistro. Prepare a light meal of sandwiches and a fresh green salad. Then invite friends over for an afternoon or early evening of dining pleasure and fun.
  • How about a picnic? Spread a checkered table cloth over an outside table, plan a delectable picnic menu and enjoy the day with family and friends.
  • Plan a cozy evening at home with your friends or that special someone. Top your outside table with a table cloth. Put a few candles in the center. Serve wine and cheese. Enjoy a nice relaxing evening of conversation and fun.
  • Imagine the pleasure of your guests when they see the delights you have laid out for them at an afternoon tea party. Throw a white table cloth over an outdoor table, add a splash of color with tulips or daffodils and prepare to entertain your guests with an outdoor tea party. Not sure what to serve? What’s Cooking America has put together a list of recipes to make it easy. Pick out a couple that you know you and your guests will enjoy and the party is set!
  • Sit outside and read a good book.
  • For a lazy day in the sun, sway gently in a hammock watching the clouds float by.
  • Sit outside and blow bubbles. Feel like a kid again as you watch the bubbles float through the air. Here is a bubble recipe so you can make your own solution and wands. Or better yet, learn how to make extra strong bouncing bubbles and surprise a special little someone with your bubble prowess.
  • If you enjoy watching the birds, make a birdfeeder so you can sit outside and enjoy your feathered friends. Bird feeders are easy to make out of a plastic soda bottle or a pinecone and are easily hung from a patio cover or tree.
  • Find area hiking trails, grab some friends and go for a hike. Be sure to take your binoculars to do a little birdwatching. Enjoy the fresh spring air.
  • Invite a hummingbird to your yard or patio by hanging a feeder. The nectar is easy to make, but be sure to remember it should be replaced every four days, giving the container a good cleaning when replacing the nectar.
  • Fire up the grill and enjoy a cookout.
  • Invite a few friends and head outside to enjoy a board game or nice game of cards.
  • Make a kite from scratch and then, on a slightly breezy day, go see if it flies.

If you want to discover other relaxing ways to enjoy yourself in Williamsburg VA, contact us at Verena at the Reserve. We’ll be more than happy to help you find ways to cure your spring fever, including a tour of our Williamsburg senior living community.

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